Who We Serve

Kimsa partners with business owners and high-net-worth individuals who want to define their goals better and ensure they are on the right track. Our clients have an entrepreneurial spirit and high expectations of their advisers. Many want to explore more advanced tax mitigation strategies, including estate planning.  

Strategic Guidance Focused on Objectives and Principles

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Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

At Kimsa we appreciate the work that entrepreneurs do to build their businesses, their communities and the wider economy. We help them integrate their business financial planning and personal financial planning at every stage of their business journey.

Through our Virtual Family Office, we provide access to a wide range of strategies that help business owners achieve their goals. Effective financial planning with entrepreneurs often involves our specialties:

Tailored strategies delivered by experts


High-Net-Worth Individuals

Owning over $1 million in net assets requires different approaches. As wealth grows, it is essential to consider advanced strategies to protect it.

Our structured approach to personal financial planning ensures that each client has a financial plan that helps them implement the right strategies to realize their objectives. Services for high net worth individuals include:

  1. Insurance 
  2. Asset Protection 
  3. Security 
  4. Estate Planning 
  5. Planning for Family Dynamics 
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