Key Employee Retention

Attract and retain top talent with a unique incentive that they won’t find anywhere else.

Struggling to retain employees who are mission-critical to your business?

Losing key members of your team is a stressful and expensive disruption to the business.

Without the right retention and compensation strategy, businesses risk losing the time and money invested in developing key employees when they leave.

Traditional retention and compensation strategies require the business to give up equity or profits, neither are great options.

Retain your most valuable employees without giving up equity or burning through cash.

Give Them Something Different

In today's cultural and economic environment, many business owners are challenged with retaining key employees long-term and are often tempted to throw risky financial incentives at senior management, executives, or other personnel who are crucial to growth and stability. Sometimes they give up precious equity or use an ineffective bonus structure that can damage morale. In our experience, this rarely creates the level of commitment that many business owners are hoping for and puts them at increased risk of losing out on their investment or giving up more than they reasonably should.

Our work developing financial strategies for business owners has revealed that there is a more effective and less risky approach to retaining key employees. We show business owners how to offer a unique and attractive incentive for key employees while reducing the tax burden and leveraging investments so they can provide financial benefits without putting the business at risk. 

At Kimsa, we help businesses retain their most impactful people by showing them how to incentivize them without giving up equity or using an ineffective bonus structure. This gives them confidence in the long-term stability of their team and the health of the business.

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