Tyler Cook

Founding Partner

To succeed in any venture, you need visionary leadership to take you to the next level. Tyler Cook has been a financial expert for more than 15 years and brings his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and relationships to each endeavor he takes on. This has been a significant asset in his role as Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Kimsa LLC. 

Kimsa’s family of companies was founded on the idea of helping others through creative strategy, risk reduction, and discovering new potential. Tyler embodies each of these skills as a leader of this growing organization. From financial services and wealth creation, to venture capitalism, his experience and dedication to supporting the needs of those he works alongside make him an incredible resource to have to guide the team. 

After attending Arizona State University, Tyler began his career as an independent advisor actively assisting individuals and business owners to financial success in Arizona, the Pacific Northwest and most currently Texas. His ability to connect with others and see possibilities in innovative ideas led him to pursue entrepreneurship. Now, he has invested in several small companies, helping them thrive with his strengths as a problem-solver, valuable connector and creative visionary. 

When he’s not busy building up businesses, Tyler enjoys spending his free time with his three children in Frisco, TX. They are all big fans of soccer, especially FC Dallas. He is also passionate about reading, practicing his skills as a musician, and most importantly, leading a life centered on his deep faith in Jesus Christ. 

As someone who understands how to build meaningful relationships, see past obstacles, and plan for years of prosperity, Tyler delivers an array of advantages for the work done at Kimsa LLC. With his experience and natural skillset, he continually empowers clients and colleagues towards lasting success.

Tyler Cook Family

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