Mike VanPelt

Founding Partner

As an owner, founder, and visionary, Mike VanPelt’s passion is to help people effectively reach their full potential. He thrives on finding opportunities to improve people’s situations financially, but also in positively impacting their families and communities.

Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit has been evident since a young age when he first began selling Christmas trees for the family business in Phoenix, Arizona. This evolved into a Christmas tree shearing business in high school and college. Also in college, he started a house painting business then grew a Christmas tree enterprise in Sarasota, Florida for 13 years. He was initially licensed in insurance and investments over 25 years ago and did mortgage lending and debt restructuring for six of those years. Mike has done just about everything.

First and foremost, Mike is a family man. He has four amazing kids and loves watching them excel in both soccer and basketball. His passion for the Portland Timbers was ignited as his son Keenan plays goalkeeper for the Timbers Junior Academy. He enjoys excellent coffee, whiskey and considers himself quite the foodie.

Mike attended George Fox University where he earned his degree in Business Administration and Economics.

Mike VanPelt fun
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