Case Study: How We’ve Helped a Client

At Kimsa Total Wealth, I’ve spent years focusing my career on helping people who are making a significant transition in life—from selling the family business to diversifying two decades of concentrated stock positions. As a relationship-based financial services firm, Kimsa Total Wealth serves the needs of individuals, business owners, professionals, and their families, providing comprehensive investment and financial guidance combined with personalized care and attention.

Our ultimate goal is to help clients work toward a sense of well-being, happiness, and peace of mind. Total Wealth certainly includes your financial situation, but it’s so much more than money. Proactive financial planning and customized investment strategies can make a significant impact on your financial future. Here is an example of how we’ve worked with a client through this journey.

The Client

This individual had been investing for some time, and in September he pulled out of the market because he was concerned about a decline in the market.

Despite his concerns about the volatility of the markets, he still wanted to actively work toward his financial goals. He came to me for guidance regarding both his investments and financial planning.

The Goal

Like many of my clients, this was a successful professional who worked hard in his career. While he had money in the bank, he had financial goals he wasn’t sure how to pursue and he wanted to rely on a professional to handle much of the minute details of his financial life.

This individual turned to me to help him address a few specific goals:

  • Save to send his children to college
  • Be able to retire at age 58
  • Have enough savings to travel in retirement
  • Find a suitable investment strategy that took market volatility into consideration

Overall, he wanted a professional to help him evaluate how he could work toward these goals.

How We Helped

This example is a great representation of what many of our clients face. Often, they have worked hard to save and they may have already been investing. But they seek greater clarity and confidence in what they can realistically pursue in the future and how to reach those goals.

With this client, we guided him along our holistic process. We started with an in-depth data gathering survey so we could learn about his financial landscape, from his savings to his insurance policies. We compared this with his goals and discussed any concerns he has. This helped us better understand his risk tolerance and attitudes toward investing.

We also spent time determining the myriad of services this client may need over the course of the next several years. From investments and insurance to estate planning, and taxation, we create a platform from which to approach total wealth.

We strategized using money with three different purposes:

  1. Short-term
  2. Mid-term
  3. Long-term

This helped us prioritize his goals and determine which he wanted to achieve in the near future (such as building a reserve fund) and which were longer term goals (retiring at age 58). Based on these three levels, we broke down his money into multiple investment types, including stocks for long-term investing and downside protected investments for mid-term investing.

The Outcome

The overall goal with this individual was to prioritize his financial goals and evaluate how to distribute his assets in regards to his short, mid-term, and long-term goals. In terms of his investments, we adjusted his lineup based on his risk tolerance and concerns regarding market volatility.

With his plan in place and recommendations made, this individual knew what he needed to be saving for his goals and had a better understanding of how some of his current lifestyle choices would impact his finances down the road.

Helping You

Our team works with a diverse range of clients facing unique needs and situations. Whatever the situation, we aim to tackle them through a proactive process that focuses on understanding your personal circumstances, addressing your concerns or fears, and creating strategies designed to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re experiencing a situation similar to this case study or face an entirely different need, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’re happy to evaluate your situation and talk through ways we can help you.

October 13, 2017

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